Welcome Back Tyler Wednesday!

By on 10-04-2017 in Archaeology

This afternoon we had a visit from our friend Tyler who moved to Pennsylvania early in the year.  As you can see from the picture above (taken today) and the picture to the right taken in March when we last saw Tyler, we’ve made a lot of progress at DIG!  Actually, YOU have made a lot of progress.

In 2017 alone, 5328 of you took up trowels to help us re-excavate Archibald Blair’s 1717 Storehouse cellar.  Five thousand, three hundred and twenty eight! We are now getting close the cellar floor, and to be completely honest, we weren’t sure that we would get here!

To all who have helped us so far, thank you. You have moved a lot of dirt using very small tools, at a time of the year that is always hot, often dry, and occasionally very (very) wet.  You have asked excellent questions about the artifacts that we have found together, and have employed your own amazing powers of observation.  You have brought your experiences to our (picnic) tables. You have been curious and smart and funny, and if a few of you should consider archaeology as a career, the profession will be in good hands.

If you have not yet found your way to DIG!, make 2018 your year! About 18″ of the cellar fill remains to be excavated. Who knows what we’ll find? Curious? We’ll save you a trowel!

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