Meet Kathleen!

By on 8-07-2019 in Archaeology

Hi, my name is Kathleen! I am originally from Winchester, Virginia, but I just graduated down the street at the College of William and Mary in May with my Bachelors of Art in Classical Studies with a concentration in archaeology and a minor in chemistry. I found my way to archaeology through an introductory class called “Greek Art and Archaeology” which eventually lead me to do my field school training in Argilos, Greece! (Although I credit reading the Percy Jackson book series in middle school as the first step toward my love of all things Greek.) In Greece, I was also excavating a commercial area, but from the 7th century BCE rather than 18th century CE. Despite my love for the Greeks, I have also worked previously with Colonial period art as part of the Wustholz research group where I helped to identify pigments in 18th century paintings using lasers! For me, finding archaeology was so important because I never felt a connection to the past by learning names and dates for history class, but finding pieces of history everyday makes me feel connected to those people who have come before us! I hope that I can share this feeling with the kids who come through our site.

Kathleen (center) with the 2019 DIG! team and star participant, Isa.

And one last fun fact: Dr. Archibald Blair, who owned the storehouse that we’re digging, is my Great (x7) Grandfather!

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