By on 8-22-2017 in Archaeology

How often do you see this? On Monday afternoon at 1:30, our final DIG! session of the day was empty. No one showed up! Where was everyone? They were probably on Palace Green watching the eclipse through 18th century telescopes.

DIG!, it seems, was eclipsed!


So what does a DIG! team do for an unexpected free hour? We dug by ourselves for a while, which seemed strangely quiet. Then we made our own pinhole viewers, so we could see what everyone was talking about (Libby made a fancy aluminum foil version recommended by NASA. Meredith’s was pretty basic!).

Finally, we toasted the eclipse with Moon Pies!

Happy Eclipse Day from the DIG! team!


(p.s. Check out these great shadows that we captured on our way back to the tool shed at the end of the day!)

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