Cutting Coins

By on 8-26-2019 in Archaeology

Meet Ethan! Last week, Ethan discovered half of a coin at the Archibald Blair Storehouse site. What kind of coin is difficult to say…it is so badly worn that its markings cannot be read…. but it was cut in half to make a purchase smaller than the value of a full coin. Coins could be cut in half, in quarters (like our quarters), or in “pieces of eight”(think “pirates”!). Earlier this summer we found a quarter of a Spanish coin (below) at this same site. Making change required some muscle in the 1700s! If you want to know more about cut coins, here’s a link to useful information:

But back to Ethan. The coin he found is interesting for another reason: it has a hole drilled through it. This was likely done to allow someone to wear the coin as jewelry, to bring good luck or protection.

Only one more week of digging left to go at the Archibald Blair Storehouse. What do you think we’re going to find next??!

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